Pinoy Merienda #1: Puto

meriendang pinoy
Looks delicious? Wanting to just grab all the pieces from the image and munch them as long as you want? Wait, hold that urge for a minute or two please, prepare first the ingredients (to be enumerated one by one later), the molds and the steamer. 

One popular merienda in the Philippines is the puto or steamed rice cake.It is typically made up of flour, sugar, milk, water and egg, but to make its taste more enhanced, some uses grated coconut, salted egg or cheese as toppings. Each of the three variations is mouth watering, but you can try all three to find out which one suits your taste best. This is most likely to be eaten as desert, but some also prefer eating it with its perfect match, the Dinuguan. 

Don't have time cooking? It's not a problem. Puto is sold all over the Philippines. Almost all market (palengke) in the Philippines has someone selling it. 

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