Meriendang Pinoy

Pinoy Merienda #2: Siomai

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A friend of mine introduced this food to me when I was first year college. He instructed me how to eat it: putting soy sauce, garlic and sili. Honestly, at first I thought it wasn't that delicious but when I bit a piece of it, it really was delicious. Since then, every time we passed through the siomai vendor, I always ask them to eat siomai.

Anyway, there are two types of siomai: the steamed and the fried. But for me, steamed siomai is better. The ingredients of the two are the same, they only differ in cooking process and you can tell the difference by reading: fried and steamed.

Siomai is composed of grilled meat processed differently by different siomai vendors or cooks and it's up to your taste preferences which one would you like. The toyo or soy sauce makes it tasty but make sure you don't put too much because it will become salty. The fried garlic makes it even more delicious. You can also add calamansi to make it quite sour.

It's up to you how you can enjoy eating siomai but don't forget to drink after eating. You might get choked.

Thanks for reading! You can also share your siomai experience/s by leaving a comment. :)

Pinoy Merienda #1: Puto

meriendang pinoy
Looks delicious? Wanting to just grab all the pieces from the image and munch them as long as you want? Wait, hold that urge for a minute or two please, prepare first the ingredients (to be enumerated one by one later), the molds and the steamer. 

One popular merienda in the Philippines is the puto or steamed rice cake.It is typically made up of flour, sugar, milk, water and egg, but to make its taste more enhanced, some uses grated coconut, salted egg or cheese as toppings. Each of the three variations is mouth watering, but you can try all three to find out which one suits your taste best. This is most likely to be eaten as desert, but some also prefer eating it with its perfect match, the Dinuguan. 

Don't have time cooking? It's not a problem. Puto is sold all over the Philippines. Almost all market (palengke) in the Philippines has someone selling it. 

Merienda - The Filipino Way

Meriendang Pinoy
          Merienda is a Filipino word taken from the Spanish language. It is one of the Philippine cuisines taken between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner. Some meriendas are: puto, softdrinks with bread or chichiria (junk foods). It can also be spaghetti, pancit, bread and usually street foods.

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